Ending a problem with dependency can be more than any one individual can handle on his or her own. The problems associated with substance use and abuse are many and varied. Oftentimes one individual simply does not have the skills or insight that are necessary to address all the aspects of substance abuse. An individual who finds him or herself in this position, that is, he or she wants to end his or her substance abuse problems but does not know how to, would do well to seek the help available at a drug rehab detox program. Drug rehab detox programs focus exclusively on the issues raised by addiction. These programs are dedicated to understanding and solving both the causes and the effects of substance abuse. Individuals who participate in these programs have the opportunity not only to deal with the practical implications of substance abuse, but can also delve deeper into their experiences in order to find out what started the substance abuse issues in the first place. Finding the right kind of drug rehab detox program is an important first step away from a life of substance abuse and towards a better life of sobriety. There are many different kinds of programs available. Individuals can choose between programs that are designed for a residential setting, such that participants move to an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility and undergo intensive treatment for most of the day, and programs that are offered on an outpatient basis. In either kind of program, individuals can choose whether or not they want one-on-one therapy, group therapy, or therapy specially designed for a specific subgroup, such as women only or adolescent therapy programs. Drug rehabilitation detox programs are an excellent resource for individuals who really want to end their substance abuse. These programs can give individuals the tools necessary to turn their good intentions into solid results. Drug rehab detox is a means to a very worthwhile end: sobriety. With the help of a good therapeutic treatment plan, dedicated men and women can and do overcome their substance abuse problems.