Most people have a preconceived idea or a set of expectations for drug rehab. Some of these may be unrealistic, such as expecting that drug rehab is a cure-all and once you leave, you’re cured. Others have low expectations, believing that a drug rehab center is just a step up from a homeless shelter. Whatever your drug rehab expectations, the best way to address them is to call a variety of drug rehabs and talk to intake coordinators.

What Can You Expect from Drug Rehab?

You can expect that a drug rehab can help you. After all, that’s what a drug rehab is for! This is accomplished through providing a few things that you’re not likely to get if you don’t enter drug rehab. You can expect that drug rehab offers a safe, supportive and sober environment with 24 hour supervision to keep you drug and alcohol-free. In spite of your best intentions, when you are just getting sober and going through the sometimes uncomfortable withdrawal process it can take everything in your power not to reach for drugs or alcohol on your own. A drug rehab environment ensures that you are sober long enough to go through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms and cravings in a safe environment with support around you to help you through it. You can expect that a drug rehab is staffed with professionals who have training, experience and credentials in treating people who struggle with alcoholism and drug addiction. Many people who work in a drug rehab center have successfully recovered from addiction and earned credentials in counseling, psychology or marriage & family therapy in order to help others do the same. Doctors such as clinical therapists, psychiatrists and medical personnel are often on staff at drug rehab centers, along with holistic practitioners in therapies such as acupuncture, massage, meditation and yoga. You can expect that a drug rehab center will educate you on the disease of addiction. Educational modules on the effects of drugs and alcohol on the mind and the body are usually presented along with relapse prevention and how triggers, old patterns and behaviors can trip up your recovery. You can expect that a drug rehab center will introduce you to a support group, whether it’s 12-step based or faith-based. This is a traditional means of support once you leave drug rehab.

What You Cannot Expect from Drug Rehab

You cannot expect a drug rehab to cure you. It’s not like taking a pill for 30 days that makes you immune to drugs and alcohol forever. Some people are ready to get sober and some aren’t. If you are, drug rehab can be an extremely rewarding time for you. If you’re not, drug rehab expectations may fail you. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful at some level. Talking to an intake coordinator at a drug rehab center can help answer your questions on whether your drug rehab expectations are realistic and find the one that will be most rewarding for you.