Oxycontin Drug Rehab and Recovery A Realistic Outcome Through Treatment Centers Specializing in Oxycontin Abuse

It happens every day.  An injury, accident, or other devastating event leads to terrible chronic pain and massive, endless prescriptions from pain management doctors for oxycontin, the most heavily prescribed narcotic in the US for pain.  These massive amounts of oxycontin, an oxycodone based opioid analgesic medication, lead to dependence and abuse of the drug.  However, given its remarkable pain relieving abilities, its use has continued to climb since its introduction.  Originally marketed and distributed by Purdue Pharma, oxycontin has since been sold in generic forms as well, only increasing its reach and availability for prescription. In selecting an oxcycontin drug rehab center, several key factors should influence the decision.  First, the abuser or addict must want treatment or recognize the need, unless of course, treatment is mandated as part of adjudication by a court.  Secondly, the treatment center itself must be trained in the ways to treat an oxycontin addict.  Thirdly, family, friends, and loved ones need to offer support and encouragement from primary treatment through to outpatient treatment and counseling.  Oxycontin drug rehab is indeed a possibility for addicts and abusers; there are treatment centers throughout the country specializing in oxycontin drug addiction.

Oxycontin Drug Rehab Centers Offer Abusers a Way Out of Addiction

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