What do Drug Rehabilitation Centers do? Drug rehabilitation centers provide intervention. Intervention breaks the cycle. Drug rehabilitation centers provide detox. Detox removes the drug from your system so that you are free of its destructive influence. This step gets you through the biggest initial hurdle: withdrawal--in an environment where you are safe, as well as medically supervised. When your body is free of the influence of the drug, you can begin to heal. But you don't have to heal alone. You have the help of experienced professionals, all looking out for your benefit. Drug rehabilitation centers teach you to reach out to others, to help others in the same way that others are helping you. They teach you methods to handle the addiction so that you are not blindsided by craving, but can find a permanent state of sobriety. Essentially drug rehabilitation focuses on teaching the addict how to fend off destructive elements, and empower positive ones; teaches good habits; encourage positive behaviors. Fighting substance abuse requires a team effort, and a good drug rehabilitation center provides that team; trained compassionate doctors, helpful therapists and sympathetic peers. They even bring the family in for training, retraining and therapeutic sessions, addressing issues of codependency, peer pressure and other complex issues. Drug rehabilitation centers deal with the real problem of drug addiction. Whether the drug of choice is alcohol, or some other chemical, any recovery program works to assist the patient to be able to live a life free of addiction. Drug rehabilitation centers teach you to find strength in yourself so that you can lead a life of sobriety and sustained health.