The Best Place to Get Better: Prescription Drug Rehabilitation in San Diego

Breaking your addiction to prescription drugs isn’t going to be easy or pleasant, but you can take advantage of the many facilities for drug rehabilitation in San Diego to at least do it in gorgeous surroundings. Located in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, San Diego treatment facilities often offer vistas of the ocean, palm trees and golden beaches that are therapeutic in themselves. The area abounds with excellent treatment centers to help you in your recovery, several of which offer a holistic approach that is well suited to prescription drug abuse.

Holistic Drug Rehabilitation in San Diego

Prescription drug abuse generally differs from abuse of recreational or street drugs. Many people who abuse prescription drugs became hooked on them when they were legitimately prescribed for pain. Part of the recovery process, then, is to learn to manage pain effectively without drugs. Treatment centers for holistic drug rehabilitation in San Diego use a variety of methods to treat addiction, including yoga, nutritional therapy and meditation. They also offer methods that are particularly suited to prescription drug abuse and pain abatement. These methods might include self-hypnosis, biofeedback, acupuncture and acupressure. All of these can be continued as methods of pain management after the drug is out of your system and after you return home. You’re not alone in your battle against prescription drugs. They are the second most commonly abused category of drugs, head of cocaine, heroin, crack, methamphetamine and other drugs. Only marijuana is more commonly abused. You won’t be alone in your recovery, either. Use the resources available to you on our site to find a treatment center that will help you back to your real life.