Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehabilitation in Northern California

Humboldt County is as much the heartland for marijuana growing as Iowa is for corn. This pothead’s paradise is the source of what is often considered the best marijuana in the United States. Unfortunately, excessive use of marijuana often leads to abuse of other substances as well, particularly alcohol and cocaine. There is also a high correlation between marijuana use and underlying mental disorders such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. For this reason, those who want to deal with their addictions should choose a treatment center that is skilled in dual diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders. A skilled and sensitive staff is the primary component you need when you’re looking for drug rehabilitation in Northern California. You can be assured that every rehabilitation center we list as a resource has a reputation for excellent treatment and results. Since marijuana abuse is extremely prevalent among adolescents and young adults, you might want to use our filters to find a program where you will be surrounded with others in your peer group.

Options for Drug Rehabilitation in Northern California

Twelve-step programs founded on the AA model are the most common mode of treatment for marijuana and other drug addictions, but this is not your only option. You’ll find a great many centers for drug rehabilitation in Northern California that offer a holistic approach. Such centers make use of meditation, yoga, nutritional therapy, bodywork and even acupuncture, along with group and/or individual counseling. Wilderness camps are also popular in the area, especially for younger clients. The choice among several kinds of treatment is yours. However, if your marijuana use is disrupting your life and narrowing your possibilities, or if it is combined with psychological problems or abuse of another substance, you really don’t have much choice about getting treatment--not if you want to live the kind of healthy, satisfying life you deserve.