Addiction Treatment V. Living with Addiction Realizing you need addiction treatment for your drug problem can be scary. Drug problems wreak havoc on individuals, destroying their lives and relationships, and have a big impact on body and mind. As bad as being addicted is, recovery has its own mental challenges and physical obstacles that the addict must go through to live his or her life without drugs. However, the difference is the result. Addiction can lead to death and suffering. Recovery often results in a better life, happiness and serenity. Addicts Recover at Drug Treatment Programs The beauty of recovery can be found through a drug treatment program. Like the name implies, a treatment program is not a magic pill or one-time lesson that will make an addict get over their addiction. It’s a series of steps, suggestions, and guidelines that show the addict how to stop using drugs and live their life without having to use drugs. Basically, it’s hard work and a lot of it. However, the success stories show that someone can radically change his or her life through recovery work—no matter how severe his or her problem was when they started. Full Spectrum Addiction Treatment Services Improve Lives Utilizing addiction treatment services along the recovery journey can inspire even more hope and relief for the recovering addict. Services may include holistic approaches, classes, counseling, and other activities that encourage the addict to engage with their mind, body, and soul without drugs interfering. These services are everywhere and tailored to the addict, even if some of them aren’t just reserved for addicts—like meditation. The more an addict learns about their behavior, what leads to it, and how they can change it, the better prepared they are to take on the task of prolonged recovery.