For many individuals with substance abuse issues, getting proper care can be difficult. There are many agencies and organizations in place to help others but, sometimes they can’t help everyone. If you feel that you have a substance abuse issue and mental illness then you should discuss dual diagnosis for addiction with a health care professional. This type of program is specifically designed to help those that are suffering from abuse issues as well as psychiatric distress.

As you do research into different dual diagnosis programs, make sure that you speak with a counselor immediately. Getting help as soon as possible will help free your addiction and if you don’t seek out help today you may not in the future. Having to deal with two illnesses can be problematic. One is mental and the other is substance abuse, which means that you need more help than the regular patient. The doctors at the treatment center will have to take a very specific approach toward creating care for you that will be specific and personal.

If can be very difficult for a person to come to the realization that they need help. Since you’ve already begun the process of healing by reading this article, then you know you’re on path toward success. The circumstances that may have brought you to this point in suffering from addiction and mental problems will be uncovered when you get treatment. You will be able to talk with counselors about what’s happening in your life and as you are taken off drugs, treatment of your mental issues can take place.

It can be difficult determining if an individual needs a dual diagnosis program. You should contact someone immediately in order to make an appointment at a center. By seeing someone in person, they’ll be able to test you for the level of addiction and mental illness that you are experiencing. After this initial consultation, a framework of healing will be designed and you will begin taking the steps toward overcoming your dependency and mental illness. At a dual diagnosis program, you will be given resources and tools that you can utilize to continue your healing. By working closely with health care professionals, you will receive the care and compassion you need to heal.