The dual diagnosis form of drug addiction treatment involves a case where a person who is mentally ill is dealing with an addiction to a substance or drug. The treatment that is involved with dual diagnosis in mind is important and should be reviewed when getting it prepared. These points of dual diagnosis are important to use when treating a drug addiction.

Detox is critical

The first part of the dual diagnosis process involves the detox function. The drug detox will be used to safely remove a drug from a person’s body. This is used without the addition of new medications or other substances to help with allowing the body to recover. This is needed to allow a person to both mentally and physically focus on the task of recovery. It is a vital step in the drug addiction treatment process.

Rehabilitation is a necessity

Another point of a dual diagnosis process involves rehabilitation. This relates to how a person is going to be reintroduced into society. It involves teaching a person how to live without drugs and how dangerous drugs can be. Some special controls may be needed to help with supporting a person who has a mental illness. This process will work after the drug detox function is used to handle one’s concentration.

Counseling and therapy can work

A big function for this drug addiction treatment process involves the therapy that is used. A person with a mental illness may require therapy to help with sorting out one’s mind and thoughts. This is a point in the dual diagnosis process that will help to keep the body and mind secure from drugs in the future. It can also be used to help with figuring out how a drug addiction program occurred in the first place. This point of dual diagnosis treatment may help to keep addictions from becoming worse in the future.