General Information on Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a serious problem in the United States.  What's worse is that it can affect so many young people, and could have easily been prevented.  Some of the causes of eating issues are: body image, physical or sexual abuse or stress in the home or at school.  It's a very deadly disease.  Eating disorders are more than just eating and then throwing up food (Bulimia).  There is also the unwillingness to eat (Anorexia) or just binging in general, which leads to obesity, a very large death contributor in the United States today.  Find out what you can do to battle this problem.

Learn About Eating Disorders

It's no joke; eating disorders are dangerous.  Bulimia can rot your body from the inside out and Anorexics go so malnourished for such a long time, their frail little bodies just shut down.  It spreading every year to young and younger people who have body issues  There is something you can do.  If you or a loved one has a problem with food, there is help! might seem like a site that deals with just drug and alcohol addiction, but that isn't the case. Learn about different types of eating disorders and find out what you can do to stop it from destroying a life. Food can bring comfort in times of stress, but some people can take it too far.  Overeating, under eating or throwing up food on a constant basis can and will eventually kill you.  Get help with eating disorders as soon as possible to stop the long term health risks that are associated with these illnesses.