If you or someone you know could have a substance abuse problem with ecstasy, then this article will give you helpful information on treatment. Medically known as MDMA, this is a powerful drug that creates a psychological change in an individual. An overall feeling of happiness and human bonding is usually the foremost effects of this drug, but other dangerous side effects can happen with repeated use. Also known as E, XTC, and X, this drug is widely used by individuals in social situations such as clubs and raves. If you find that your use has reached a level that is beyond social, then you should contact a health center immediately to learn more about treatment options.

The chemicals that make up ecstasy create a feeling of euphoria, mild hallucinations, and an overall sense of happiness and openness. It was original designed to be used by psychologists in therapy sessions to help patients express themselves more fully and as an antidepressant. Misuses of the drug occurred in the 1960’s and lead to it being criminalized in the United States in 1970. Some psychologists continued to find it as a useful drug and it sustained itself in the counter-culture and rose to widespread use in the 1980’s and 90’s. It’s one of the most abused substances, so if you have an addiction there is help for you.

Since ecstasy is usually used as a social dru,g many individuals never form a strong addiction to it. It doesn’t contain any chemical properties that would cause someone to become addicted to it, but over using it can cause major problems. Chronic users have higher levels of depression and turn to using more of the drug in order to counteract the depression. Overdosing on E can also occur and cause an extreme separation from reality and breathing problems. By abusing the drug for a long period of time, mental and physical health problems can persist and be irreversible.

When you begin contacting different treatment centers on dealing with ecstasy abuse you should make sure that they provide a supportive and caring environment. Since a major aspect of abuse is a feeling of depression you’ll need to make sure that the center has counselors that can speak with you about how you are feeling. You may have been self-medicating yourself with ecstasy and having a support network of doctors and therapists can help you discover what caused you to begin abusing the drug in the first place. We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck on your recovery and treatment.