The most effective drug rehab usually offers comprehensive services rather than a standardized approach. Finding a drug rehab program that takes into account your family and substance abuse history, potential for mood disorders, physical and emotional health issues. The most effective drug rehabs issue clinical evaluations that help determine issues that need to be addressed in order for alcoholism and drug addiction treatment to be successful.

Effective Drug Rehab Programs

There is no one tried and true method to recovery that works for everyone. If that were the case, drug rehab would be standardized like an assembly line. The truth is, alcoholism and drug addiction is a complicated disease that neither physicians nor scientists have discovered a cure for. For this reason, the most effective drug rehab programs offer a variety of approaches and options to overcoming addiction. When you research drug rehab facilities, find out if the program is tailored to each individual based on clinical evaluation or how they determine the best approach to treat you. The most effective drug rehab programs will address physical aspects of health to treat the physical addiction, psychological aspects to help root out any underlying issues contributing to alcoholism and drug addiction, and explore spiritual approaches that work for you.

Effective Drug Rehab Programs and Cost

An effective drug rehab program has less to do with cost and more to do with you. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the “best” drug rehab program available and be back in a bar or meeting with your street dealer the day the program ends. Someone else can get sober in a state-run facility with a cot and a 12-step program and remain sober for years. Cost factors into effectiveness with the therapies offered. You may be willing to pay a little more to be comfortable and have the added benefits of individual therapy and holistic treatments such as massage and acupuncture during drug rehab. If you want to ensure that you choose an effective drug rehab program that works the first time around, choose one that is comprehensive in addressing all levels of addiction – mind, body and spirit.