Executives who need drug rehab generally have different needs and requirements than the general population. Executives tend to be high-functioning, typically maintaining their position in spite of drug or alcohol usage up until the day they enter an executive drug rehab center.
Many executives are workaholics as they’ve had to be to get where they are. Men and women in high performance careers may turn to alcohol or drugs to ease social situations, relax after a stressful day or enhance their performance through the use of stimulants. It’s not unusual for executives to put in 16-hour days. Because of this drive to succeed and the image they struggle to maintain even in the face of addiction, it can be even more difficult for the executive to admit he or she needs drug rehab. After all, many executives may appear to have it all together well into their alcoholism or drug addiction.

Executive Drug Rehab Centers

Executive drug rehab centers cater to the executive. Typically the facility offers a resort-style atmosphere, private rooms and high end amenities. Privacy and confidentiality are important considerations for the hard working executive who may find that an executive drug rehab center offers the first opportunity they’ve had to relax without the pressures of work in a long time.
In addition to the amenities, executive drug rehab centers are staffed with professionals who understand the needs and anxieties that accompany a high performance position and are able to help individuals who operate under this kind of pressure learn how to handle it without turning to alcohol or drugs for relief. Clinical therapy is helpful in exposing underlying emotional issues that may be causing a need for alcohol and drugs to seek relief or escape.

Executive Drug Rehab Center Expectations

The expectations at an executive drug rehab center are considerably higher than at a drug rehab that does not bill itself as such. Quality of surroundings, amenities and care are expected to be more individualized and tailored to the executive to ensure their stay is comfortable. There may also be concessions made that allow the executive to continue conducting business on an as-needed basis during inpatient, although most drug rehabs do emphasis the removal of outside distractions so the person can focus solely on getting sober.
If alcoholism or drug addiction are interfering with your quality of life in work, relationships or home life, then an executive drug rehab may be exactly what you’re looking for. Your decision to enter drug rehab is confidential, regardless of where you decide to go. Don’t let fear of exposure rule out the one thing that can truly save your career, your relationships and your life.