For Oxycontin Detox You Really Need A Professionals Help Some people think they can kick a drug or drinking problem on their own. Sometimes you can. It really all depends on how deep the addiction runs and how far into it you are. Sometimes people that use drugs are not addicted but they are reaching that place where they could become addicted. Usually, something happens while they’re on the drug that sends a major wake up call to their brain. However, oxycontin is a strong drug and a highly addictive drug that to go through an oxycontin detox alone is not recommended. You Can Get Family Treatment At Rehab Where More Than One Member Is Abusing A lot of times more than one person in the family is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Couples tend to use and abuse together. This can be really hard on the kids because when they finally decide to get help, both parents are out of the home for a lengthy rehab stay. The kids have already been managing on their own due to mom and dad’s addiction problem. The good news is rehabs offer family treatment so that both parents can get well. A Drug Alcohol Detox Battles Two Diseases At Once Some people enter rehab with more than one addiction problem. They are addicted to drugs and alcohol and therefore require a drug alcohol detox. This can last anywhere between three to seven days depending on the severity of the abuse. The good news is there are doctors and staff there to help the addict through the detox program. They offer approved medication that helps them through the withdraw symptoms that comes with more detox programs. Once all the chemicals and toxins have left the body the addict will head to group sessions and one-on-one therapy sessions.