Family Treatment: Talking To Your Parents About Getting Help

Talking to your parents about their addiction problem and trying to convince them to get family treatment is never easy. Even if they both will admit that they have a problem they may not want to leave you and your brother and sisters alone while they both step into a rehab. It’s hard because while you’ve been managing their addiction for awhile now and have had to grow up way to fast you aren’t crazy about holding down the fort for thirty days either.

Addiction Therapy: Feeling Like Your Buttons Are Being Pushed

It’s normal during addiction therapy to feel like the therapist and the other recovering addicts in the group are pushing your buttons. You have to keep something in mind during this sometimes grueling process you are only there for thirty days and the rehab really wants to make sure that when you leave you have an understanding of why you drink or abuse drugs. It’s not always easy to see why that is right away and they really don’t want you leaving unprepared for your life.

Addiction Alcoholism Treatment: Letting Go Of Your Ego

Alcoholics and drug users tend to have big egos. They’ve managed to get away with abusing drugs or alcohol for a really long time and now an addiction alcoholism treatment center is trying to break them down and make them realize that in order to get help for their problem they have to admit that their problem is bigger than they are. It’s not an easy thing for an addict to do. They’ve built a career out of manipulating and charming people into giving them what they want when they want it. Having a professional come in and put the brakes on that behavior can be incredibly hard for an addict.