12-Step Rehab Centers Have The Highest Rate Of Success

There are lots of ways to treat addiction, especially as we learn more and more about the science behind this disease. The predominant belief held by the scientific and medical community is that addiction is a disease that is at least partially hereditary. There are myriad ways to treat addiction and attempt recovery. While a lot of these theories and ideas are very interesting, there’s only one type of treatment that has decades of practical experience to back it up: 12-Step rehab center treatment. The alcohol drug rehab of RecoveryNowTV uses a 12-Step rehab approach while also offering alternative therapies to heal your body from the physical effects of addiction.

A Drug Alcohol Rehab With 12-Step Solutions

The RecoveryNowTV drug alcohol rehab uses the traditional methods of treatment like 12-Step rehab and individual counseling. But what makes the RecoveryNowTV 12-Step rehab center unique is that it also provides the following holistic measures to heal body and mind simultaneously:
    • Acupuncture and massage
    • Meditation
    • Group therapy and family therapy
    • Music and art therapy
    • Mindful eating
    • Rapid medical detox
    • Equine therapy and more.

12-Step Rehab Centers Can Work Where Other Treatment Programs Don't

Lots of people have problems with 12-Step rehab centers because they say that they don’t allow room for individuality or personality. Not RecoveryNowTV. We never force “cookie-cutter” drug & alcohol rehab on anyone, where everyone is expected to be the same and respond to the same therapies. RecoveryNowTV tailors its treatment to meet the needs of the individual. Also, we allow our patients the freedom and privacy to enjoy their time with us and to take advantage of all the amenities we provide.