The Symptoms Of Alcohol Detox

Before we get into answering this question about alcohol detox and alcohol detox centers, it’s important to know that alcohol detox is a sensitive undertaking that could possibly pose risks to your health. These health risks are even more exaggerated if you have an extensive history of alcohol abuse. Not only is RecoveryNowTV an affordable drug rehab, but we also have a world-class alcohol detox center as well that understands the sensitive issues surrounding alcohol detox.

Is An Alcohol Detox Center Worthwhile

If you attempt alcohol detox on your own, you are in for a world of pain if you have a long history of drinking or a severe pattern of use. The symptoms are like a very bad flu: fever, night sweats and chills. Worse can be the delirium tremens associated with heavy drinkers or long-term drinkers. These are the ill-famed “tremors” so often depicted in movies. They include vivid auditory and visual hallucinations, where you may think that things are crawling inside your skin, etc. Lucky for you, at our affordable alcohol rehab, we have an alcohol detox program that alleviates these symptoms and protects you from harm.

An Alcohol Detox Center Ensures Your Safety

Because alcohol is such a potent central nervous system depressant, it warps the body’s systems into requiring it for normal functioning. If alcohol is suddenly taken away from the body, it shocks the organ systems as though it were being poisoned. Medical intervention is necessary at this step or else serious problems like stroke can occur. Our affordable alcohol rehab operates an alcohol detox center where doctors monitor your condition and progress. We also offer rapid alcohol detox, where medications are administered to speed up the process and also smooth any painful symptoms you may experience as a result of alcohol withdrawals.