An Alcohol Drug Rehab Is Like Any Health Clinic

Many people wonder what will fill their days up during an alcohol drug rehab program at our drug treatment center. For the details of the comings and goings of your days at our drug treatment center, we’ve put a page on this website with details about our alcohol drug rehab program schedules.

A Drug Treatment Center That Works For You

The RecoveryNowTV drug treatment center has both an intensive outpatient drug rehab program and a primary inpatient alcohol drug rehab. Both treat addiction through strong therapeutic and holistic measures, though the outpatient alcohol drug rehab program allows the patients to work somewhat around their work schedules. Also, the intensive outpatient alcohol drug rehab program allows you to spend the night away from the drug treatment center. Patients with families and work responsibilities often choose the outpatient drug rehab program.

The Treatment Atmosphere At RecoveryNowTV

Regardless of the treatment option you choose, you will be supported by a team of certified addiction medicine professionals from doctors to psychologists, counselors to horse trainers. We take the model for an alcohol drug rehab program a few steps further than the norm with our holistic therapies. These alternative therapies take place every day in addition to traditional addiction therapies such as individual counseling, 12-step meetings and group therapy. We at RecoveryNowTV truly believe in offering you every healing method we can to ensure your success as a recovering addict.

What To Expect At A Drug Treatment Center

Some days, you’ll wake up and go horseback riding along the beach and coastal areas. Or you might have an hour of acupuncture to drain the stress out of you and prepare you for the day ahead. Group therapy sessions help you uncover issues and learn from your peers. Individual counseling helps you discover the exact causes and conditions of your addiction. Feel like taking it easy? Then relax in the wonderfully appointed RecoveryNowTV home, in beautiful seaside Orange County. We know you’ll learn a lot here; and, you’ll have fun doing it, too.