Your Way out of an Addicted Life Sometimes when you’re in a comfort zone, even if it’s a painful place and not comfortable at all, it’s difficult to change. You are stuck in a rut. Drugs and alcohol can create a very deep rut for a person that its hard to dig out of.  Addiction treatments create real solutions for people who are stuck in a zone where they are in pain, but not able to break the cycle of addiction. It’s not easy, but the transition to a new life is one of the most amazing things an addict or alcoholic can undergo. How to Start Recovering from Addiction Once you give up alcohol or drugs, your whole life changes. It may difficult to understand how to live life without these things. What do you do for fun if getting high or drunk is not an option? These are all things that come up when you are living sober. Bars don’t have to be off limits, but you will find your own guides and boundaries about what is OK and not a threat to your recovery. As well, you may find that there are different things that you like doing that you did not even realize before you gave up drugs and alcohol. Living Sober through Treatment Alcoholism treatment is the best thing an alcoholic can do for himself or herself. Regardless of what life throws at them, they’ll be able to take it on sober. Life has ups and downs no matter what, and giving up drugs and drinking does not mean that life is suddenly perfect. But its not life that need to change, it’s the alcoholic or addict. They need to understand how to deal with life on life’s terms without reaching for a drug or a drink. Once they can do this, they can lead happier and sober lives.