When you realize that you have a drug addiction problem, getting support through both individual and a group setting will help you to stick with your determination to quit for good and stay straight. It is also a good way to get perspective on yourself. The most well-known support groups for addiction are alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous. These utilize the 12 step program approach and it is now a model used in some overeating support groups as well as gambling addiction meetings. Expect that there will be times when you want to regress and find ways to numb the pain through drug abuse. This is natural and is why it's important to have a therapist and/or group support system in place. Family support is wonderful, but sometimes it is a tense situation with the family that you need objectivity about and you need to discuss this with another party. Attending narcotics anonymous is a good choice because you'll meet others that are dealing with their relation to substance abuse and wishing to overcome the addictive behavior permanently. It is the sister group to alcoholics anonymous. For family members that need their own support, al-anon is available and a way to get insight into the drug addict's thought patterns as well as what it is to enable a drug abuser. Though these are the most well-known groups, there are also religious groups that are available to help addicts. These can be found at temples, churches and spiritual centers. If you are already affiliated with a place of worship, this is a nice place to join. Some people are more comfortable staying anonymous about their problems in which case, narcotics anonymous may be a better match. Individual counseling is highly recommended because the whole session will be devoted to your underlying issues. Other available resources include groups at hospitals, internet forums and groups at yahoo and Google. The disadvantages of web-based support is that you may not have a trained leader that is moderating the group. Also you don't want to give out your phone number and personal information to a stranger on the internet. If someone has a history of posts however and seems articulate and thoughtful this can indicate a genuine interest in addiction recovery and may be a support for you. The important thing is to get started and then find a way to through a group that clicks with you to keep your resolve to stay addiction free.