Millions of individuals and families are affected by alcoholism every year, and many call on the help of an alcohol rehab center to help their loved ones combat their addiction. Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in the U.S., and has the power to warp an individual’s and turn them into a person they never expected to become destroying home life, friendships, and work environments in the process. However, by finding the right alcohol rehab center, alcohol abusers are able to overcome their alcoholism and restore the lives they once enjoyed. In the U.S., the alcohol rehab center is one of the most sought after forms of treatment. This high demand has created a large number of alcohol rehab centers with varying treatment options which can make finding the right alcohol rehab center difficult. To find an alcohol rehab center that will most benefit the abuser, the addict, as well as his or her family, needs to determine their own needs and educate themselves of their available options. Inpatient alcohol rehab centers are usually for alcoholics who are suffering from long-term abuse. These individuals have attempted outpatient programs but due to lacking support or personal strength have been unable to maintain sobriety. Outpatient alcohol rehab centers are for alcoholics who need help with their recovery but may have obligations that prevent them from inpatient treatment such as work. In addition to inpatient and outpatient treatments, there are also additional support programs, such as faith-based treatments, that are designed to further help a recovering alcoholic. Achieving sobriety isn’t an easy task, and admitting that it can’t be achieved alone is even harder. However, help is available and an alcohol abuser should never feel hopeless. An alcohol rehab center can help by providing the environment necessary for recovery. Through therapy, proper nutrition, and adequate rest, an alcohol abuser will be mentally, emotionally, and psychically prepared to combat their addiction and to maintain sobriety upon release. Due to the large number of alcohol rehab centers, alcoholics, or concerned family and friends, should contact a professional for recommendations or referrals. Although each alcohol rehab center wishes to treat the addiction, not all are created equal. By contacting a professional, the alcoholic wishing to obtain sobriety stands the best chance at success as they will be able to find an alcohol rehab center that best suits their needs.