Free Drug Rehab Options

There are many programs out there that offer free drug rehab counseling and assessment. Drug rehab is a complex process in which the individual’s history must be considered in order to develop the most promising treatment. The initial rehab counseling is a key part of that process. Innovative or traditional, the drug rehab program must deal with mind, body and spirit. Treating the mind involves a lot of cognitive or behavioral therapy. Treating the body of course is not only the detox program, but also handling underlying conditions. Sometimes the addicted individual is unaware that their disease is self-medicating a hidden condition such as depression, bi-polar disorder or other psychiatric disorder. So if there is an underlying condition, the highly trained doctors should be able to detect it and medicate for it. Then of course, there is always a portion of the program which is spiritual. If you're familiar with the twelve step program of alcoholics anonymous, you have an idea of the kind of spirituality that involves. Some facilities even teach meditation to help find that inner core of strength.

Qualifying for Free Drug Rehab

Most drug rehab programs offer strategies that promote healing. It is crucial to find a program which meshes with the individual substance abuser. For example, an outward bound-style adventure program would not necessarily be a good fit for a city dweller or someone unable to handle the physical stresses. So ask questions. Find out the philosophy of the drug rehab center during the free drug rehab counseling session. The result of drug use and abuse is destruction. The key goal of the free drug rehab is to help you find the best match for the treatment facility that will able to freeze that destruction in its tracks and help you in turning your life around.