What To Do After Completing An Alcohol Detox

The days after completing an alcohol detox should be happy ones. After all, your body is clean, your mind is fresh, and you are entering a new and healthier stage in your life. In reality, as many recovering addicts ponder the last few days before release from a treatment center, they find themselves worried and scared. Leaving rehab means leaving the company of a roommate, and the support of group therapy. It might seem overwhelming to try and stay sober without the constant attention and encouragement of counselors and peers.

Post Rehabilitation Program Fears Are Normal

Some people are lucky and have relatives or friends who are able to offer a place to go after rehab. Unfortunately, not everyone’s family is able to offer a home to stay in, even if they would like to do so. Sometimes even supportive families do not have the best living environment in which to stay sober. It is normal to wonder who can understand your dilemma. Many people leaving a rehabilitation program have similar concerns about who will accept them and support them in their struggle to stay sober after treatment.

Transitional Sober Living Can Help You Stay Sober After Rehab

If you are ready to leave rehab, and concerned about your next step, Let me recommend finding a transitional sober living home for recovering alcoholics and addicts. There are many residential houses for men and women who are out of treatment, are clean and sober, and want to stay that way. These shared, supportive, living environments which house small numbers of recovering addicts, and allow them to live and recover with dignity.