It only makes sense that there would be drug rehab centers that focus on the needs of different types of people.  For example, you can easily find inpatient substance abuse programs that are designed strictly for women. Similarly, you can find programs for those with eating disorders or other illnesses. People are always going to do better in the recovery process if they are in an environment where they feel completely safe and secure. Therefore, it is logical that the GLBT community should have the option to go to their own specific treatment programs.

When gays and lesbians with substance abuse problems are incorporated into traditional rehab programs, they often feel uncomfortable with information pertaining to their sexual orientation. After all, most gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals have had experiences being ostracized or ridiculed due to their sexual preferences.

In fact, often the drug abuse or addiction stems from these issues in the first place. Homophobia can be tremendously powerful and can cause acute depression. Many people will turn to drugs to deal with the emotions brought on the prejudice of others.

If an intervention is involved in the process of encouraging drug addicts to go to rehab, the prospective patient will be more likely to readily agree to treatment if he or she knows that a center that specializes in gay/lesbian substance abuse has been selected. Family and friends of LGBT drug users can make the intervention an easier process by going preemptive and finding a program that specializes in treating gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients.

Many gay/lesbian rehab programs include counseling involving LGBT issues, as well as body image and sexual health. Of course, many of these issues can affect the heterosexual community as well. You will often see patients receiving assistance and counseling with issues like grief and loss, trauma and anger management in any type of rehab program.

When individuals are going through gay/lesbian substance abuse inpatient rehab programs, they need to focus on getting better. Therefore, they should be in an environment where they are completely comfortable. In a program that is dedicated to gays and lesbians, they can feel 100% confident that their sexual preferences will be respected and considered with sensitivity.