An Addiction Treatment Center Can Help You Or Your Loved One

Drug treatment facilities have changed a great deal in recent decades. Advancements in cognitive and behavioral therapies and in neuroscience have provided many new approaches and insights to addressing drug addiction problems. The sensitivity of an addiction treatment center has also been changed. The facilities of drug rehab are more comfortable and homelike now. This helps to make the experience a little less confrontational and more conducive to the spirit of recovery. Addiction treatment can provide needed therapy to address the disease and lead to recovery.

Basic Facts about Addiction Treatment

To help lessen the intimidation factor surrounding addiction treatment, consider the following answers to common questions about the rehab process.
  • How long does drug treatment take? It depends upon the severity of the addiction, but most programs will not last less than thirty days, and can run as long as an entire year.
  • Do all drug treatment facilities offer detox? Not every treatment facility offers detox as part of the program. In these cases, the admissions staff will recommend a detox facility in the area. Once detox is completed off-site, the individual is free to enter the core treatment program.
  • Are drug treatment facilities safe? The staff at drug rehab facilities takes great pains to ensure the safety of everyone in the program. That means strict rules about drug use, threats of physical violence and even sexual content between patients.

A Drug Treatment Program That Offers Specialized Treatment

There is a drug treatment program that caters to the needs of specific groups of people with unique needs when it comes to their addiction recovery. Most prominent among these groups are:
  • Dual diagnosis patients. Individuals who suffer from co-occurring drug addiction and mental illness are considered "dual diagnosis" patients, and they have a very select set of treatment needs. The dual diagnosis drug treatment center provides integrated care from counselors, therapist and medical professionals, all working together to address each aspect of the diagnosis concurrently.
  • Women. For many women, a co-ed drug treatment program is simply not going to elicit the desired response. To create a safe, productive environment, several drug treatment programs around the country now offer drug rehab exclusively for women. These facilities focus on the methods of treatment that have proven to be more successful for women.
  • Teenagers and adolescents. Young people have unique needs when it comes to their drug addiction treatment, and these differences have fueled the creation of many top teen drug rehab programs around the country. Focusing on issues most relevant to teens, such as peer pressure, self-image and family life, drug rehab for teens provides a safe, productive place for young people to get a fresh start and learn how to change the drug-related behavior.
Take the time to look into the drug addiction treatment options that are out there and make a change for the better for you or your loved one.