Continued Drug Addiction Counseling

So maybe you've just finished a program at an addiction rehabilitation center, or you will soon, and you'd like to know what the next step is. Well, there are a few options open to you, especially if you feel you need more addiction rehabilitation services or continued drug addiction counseling, as many often do after rehab.

Many Addiction Rehabilitation Services Available

Programs at addiction rehabilitation centers only last 28 days in most cases, so it's normal to feel like you need more lasting support upon re-entering the workaday world. Whether you're currently using our outpatient or inpatient addiction rehabilitation services, RecoveryNowTV will create a relapse prevention program for you that will give you a plan of attack to deal with your new life calmly, effectively, and sober. Through our continued care program, you can feel free to revisit us for more drug addiction counseling on an outpatient basis. We can also get you set up at our affiliated sober living homes, both of which are leaders among the recovery community in Southern California. Addiction rehabilitation services don't simply end once you finish your program at RecoveryNowTV. After all, recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a life-long process. We'll never push you out into the world before you're ready.

After The Addiction Rehabilitation Center

Many recovering addicts and alcoholics benefit from sober living environments because they offer continued drug addiction counseling and addiction rehabilitation services on an as needed basis. Different from an addiction rehabilitation center, sober living homes are less structured and rigid, allowing residents the freedom to grow and learn. They still, however, provide a support system to fall back on when recovering addicts hit a wall that threatens their sobriety and serenity. As part of our drug addiction counseling, we'll go over some tailor-made options for you while you're finishing up at our addiction rehabilitation center.