Leaving A Drug Addiction Treatment Center Is Only The Beginning

If you or a loved one has just undergone drug or alcohol rehabilitation at a drug addiction treatment center, you may be wondering what is the next step along your road to recovery. This is a crucial phase of your recovery. The first 3 years of sobriety can make or break an individual, and the majority of alcoholics and drug addicts who do relapse do so during this time. For this reason, it is important to make the right choices in aftercare once you have left your alcohol or drug treatment program.

12-Step Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction that is based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous can provide adolescents with a life-long program by which to maintain their sobriety and achieve a balanced and healthy emotional and spiritual life. The fellowship of these programs help fight the tendency toward isolation, and keeps teenagers away from "people, places, and things" that might lead to relapse.

Don't Let Drug Addiction Treatment Fail

Drug addiction treatment is as effective as treatment for other chronic disorders, although alcoholics and addicts have an increased tendency to not follow up on their treatment. This is the most common cause of relapse according surveys of individuals who have returned to an addiction treatment center.  For example, the one-year relapse rates for addiction, asthma and hypertension are quite similar at 60%, 70% and 55%, respectively. For the past 30 years, federally sponsored research has repeatedly confirmed that treatment results in positive outcomes and is cost effective.