Getting Online Help

[spacer size="20"] For the individual who wants a way out, what if there were a method that did not fight against sexual nature, but instead harnessed and redirected it in order to use those same processes that pulled us into addiction to get us out? This article presents one proven path to recovery from porn and sexual addiction that is anonymous and effective, and actually makes one feel better as one progresses. These are: - Anonymous Online Deprogramming/Reprogramming - Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching Anonymous Online Deprogramming/Reprogramming is an educative process the addictive mind undergoes online, while it learns how and why the addiction formed in the first place, and how to use those same natural means to get out of it. It also challenges the addictive mind to restructure itself while it connects with other real humans, in the real world, in real time. The addictive mind will learn to face fears, urges and cravings, replace them automatically with greater meanings, and use natural sexual energy to slingshot them towards those goals in life that have been so elusive. Sound impossible? It's not. Sound hard? Well, with the right program, it requires about as much discipline and practice as it would to pick up a guitar and learn 3 chords, enabling the student to then play great music, and doesn't that feel great? Anonymous Online Deprogramming/Reprogramming can also be extended by special invitation to those who play a part in the journey toward recovery. Inviting a spouse, a parent or clergy into this support role prepares a base for common understanding and incredible acceptance. Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching is not therapy. (The addict is not broken, the maps of reality held in the addictive mind are). It is vitally important to select a coach who specializes in porn and sex addiction recovery and personal excellence. It is a special skill to challenge the addictive mind and create new frames of reality that make change from the old to the new ways natural and easy. These specialists do not require any of the gory details to be effective. NLP focuses intensely on the how, not the what, the when, the who or the why. A skilled NLP coach can greatly accelerate and strengthen recovery efforts, and help the former addictive mind realize that better life. A complete recovery is not when the addictive mind has simply stopped doing the old behaviors, it is when the new mind manifests excellence in its place. I strongly suggest that the above tools be utilized in the order presented above. In other words, start with Anonymous Online Deprogramming/Reprogramming, and then graduate to an NLP Coach. By the time the former addictive mind has completed the online program, it is committed, conditioned and will often have overcome the addiction completely, and so any NLP work can focus on generative, rather than remedial interventions. Here is where the fun really begins!