This article will give you information on understanding more about GHB and its effects on a person. Information will also be giving on treatment options and how you can find help for yourself or someone you love who is abusing this drug. Also known as liquid ecstasy, this drug is used recreationally in many club and rave scenes. It doesn’t have any physically addictive components, but can cause a very strong psychological dependency. Since it is illegal, it is made by many individuals in unsafe and dangerous environments and by ingesting the drug you are taking a risk of overdosing. Below is information that will let you understand more about the drug and how to find help for those abusing it.

GHB is a depressant that can cause a very profound sense of euphoria and intoxication. Due to the effects it can have over an individual’s sense of reality, judgment is compromised and bad decisions can be made. The effects can last for about 3 hours and if alcohol is ingested, the feelings can be extended for longer periods of time. Mixing with other drugs also causes other side effects that can lead to dizziness, nausea, and even unconsciousness. Those that use the drug can quickly form a psychological dependency that distributes their relationships with others and causes them to constantly seek out the drug to feel “normal”.

If someone you know is taking GHB, there is help for them. Recently, more treatment centers have begun treating for addiction to this drug. They are gaining experience in the best ways to deal with withdrawal and what the effects are on the body and how to help with recovery. Since this drug is usually odorless and tasteless, you may not be aware that someone is taking it. It is commonly mixed with salt in order to distribute it to users. If you suspect that someone has the drug and is taking it in large quantities, you should contact a treatment center immediately.

Many times GHB is combined with other hazardous substances and chemicals in order to produce different effects. These can range from salt to paint thinner. These chemicals can react with the body and cause profound sickness and sometimes sudden death in an individual. In order to find help for someone using this drug you need to contact trained professionals. You can’t deal with the addiction alone and it takes trained counselors and doctors to help with the healing process. Good luck in finding help for someone using GHB.