Managing and adjusting is the national mantra. The motive of Stress Management is very famous and millions of people attend stress management classes yearly. Stress management implies stress is inevitable and therefore, the best we can do is manage it better. How about eliminating stress in your life? Impossible you shout!!! How can I stop this, that and the other thing from occurring in my life? Therein lies the false perception of the phenomenon labeled, stress. It has been known since the 5th century that stress is related to one’s perception, and when all the pressures of living in a fast-paced world mount up, a person’s perception may be more negative than usual. Most people are distracted and pressured by a plethora of concerns related to work, family, community and personal experiences, most of which they perceive they cannot control. The first step in understanding the role stress plays in your life is to remember, stress is a perception. When your stressors are channeled properly, it can help push you toward your best outcome. However, if not channeled properly, a stressor can create havoc.

Coping with this illness, disease or the other is another national mantra.

We are bombarded several times a day about illnesses and disease, if you do not have it now, you will soon have it. These powerful subliminal messages-vis-à-vis commercials to help you cope-generates trillions of dollars for pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies and doctors. In an ever increasing fast-paced society, many of us take the easy road of self neglect and procrastination thinking we are doing fine because we feel fine. Fast-food commercials dance in our heads, as the solution to our ever demanding race to keep up. We think health can be regained with Traditional Western Medicine and when we come ill we race to the doctor for the promised quick fix. Mildred Carter, one of the pioneers of reflexology, stated in her book, ‘Body Reflexology,’ “whenever we feel pain anywhere in the body, even the slightest twinge of a pain, it’s the body’s method of sending you a signal, and if palpated and rubbed out, may prevent future illness, although the actual dis-ease may be far removed from the original site of discomfort…” Prevention is far superior for health care than treating the illness or dis-ease in progress. This is not to say, that the illness or dis-ease can not be eliminated-it can, but it generates a sense of fear and vulnerability, which exacerbates the illness or dis-ease. This is the very reason the quick fixes for symptoms are the staple for Traditional Western Medicine. Given the proper support and adequate care, the body can heal itself. As Louise Hay says in her book, Heal Your Body, " matter how dire their predicament seems to be, I KNOW if they are WILLING to do the mental work of releasing and forgiving, almost anything can be healed. The term 'incurable,' which is so threatening to most of the people, some particular condition cannot be cured by 'outer' methods and so that we should go within to 'Effect the healing'.