It is typically family members that help loved ones into drug rehab. This is primarily because the family can see what the alcoholic or drug addict cannot and also is directly affected by his or her destructive behavior. The person in the grip of alcoholism or drug addiction may be aware there’s a problem, but unwilling to do what it takes to overcome it or simply not know how. Helping family members into drug rehab is not always easy. Generally by the time someone in the family needs drug rehab they are well into their alcoholism or drug addiction and it has become such a part of their life that they can’t imagine living without it. At this level, they are likely to resist giving up something that has become more important to them than anything, even family.

Professional Intervention for Helping Family into Drug Rehab

Family members need to realize that when someone is in the grips of addiction, it takes on a life of its own. Addiction is described as an obsession of the mind and an allergy of the body – when the drug is removed the person craves it and the cravings can be intense as can the withdrawal symptoms. This can lead to all sorts of behavior such as guilt, manipulation, bargaining and anger when you try to help family into drug rehab. Professional intervention can be very successful in helping family into drug rehab. Interventionists act as mediators between the addicted person and family members. The scenario is rehearsed beforehand and family members are encouraged to share their feelings as well as set consequences in place should he or she refuse drug rehab. An interventionist can help take the pressure off the family and coax a reluctant loved one to get help.

Signs a Family Member needs Drug Rehab

The family is usually the first to notice personality and behavior changes. Change in hobbies, falling off in school or work performance, poor attendance, poor personal hygiene, sleeping more or sleeping less, lack of appetite, isolating at home more or not coming home at all. If you suspect someone in your family needs drug rehab, don’t wait until it’s too late. Research drug rehab centers and call to find out what you can do to help a family member into drug rehab. Find out if there is a professional interventionist on staff you can talk to. It doesn’t cost anything to find out how to go about saving a family member’s life.