Drug abuse is a serious problem that is facing society today. It seems that substance abuse issues exist in all segments of society, regardless of age, gender, or economic status. Substance abuse issues exist in many different locations, as well, from the urban to the rural. Fortunately, help for these problems is becoming more and more available. Different drugs require different kinds of help; if it is appropriate, heroin addiction treatment can be a very effective way of dealing with the problems associated with this specific drug. Heroin addiction treatment takes into account the characteristics of this substance, and addresses the issues that are caused or exacerbated by those characteristics. It is helpful to approach substance abuse in this way, because the problems associated with substance abuse can vary depending on the drug being abused. A targeted, specific kind of therapy is thus much more effective; as it concentrates on the most salient issues the user may be facing and doesn’t waste time on issues that aren’t relevant to recovering from abuse of that substance. Finding the right kind of therapy is a key to successful recovery from substance use, abuse, or dependency. While heroin addiction treatment is specific to that kind of drug, it is nonetheless available in many different forms. For example, an individual who wants to participate in this kind of therapy needs to decide if he or she wants to participate in an inpatient drug treatment or an outpatient program. He or she also needs to decide how much time he or she can realistically dedicate to therapy, and must decide where to go for the therapy. Heroin addiction treatment can offer hope to those who are struggling with substance abuse issues regarding this specific drug. It is a very effective means of breaking the cycle of use, abuse, or dependency, and can make breaking that cycle easier than it would be if an individual attempted to do it alone. Heroin addiction treatment brings willing individuals together with trained staff and locates them in a supportive environment, thus increasing the individual’s chances of attaining lasting and satisfying sobriety.