Get Your Loved One to a Heroin Rehab Center

If someone you love is addicted to heroin, your life is a living hell. Despite their best intentions, and no matter what that person was like before addiction, once a user is hooked, heroin is the only thing that matters. Addicts will steal from you, lie to you, and even abuse you to get the fix they need. If you are in such a situation, it may be time for an intervention. The sole purpose of an intervention is to get the addict into a heroin rehab center. Apologies and promises to stop using are not the goal. For this reason, you must prepare to stage an intervention in several ways. First of all, you must have made all arrangements to get the addict to the heroin rehab center immediately. That means the finances should be taken care of, transportation arranged and personal effects packed and ready to go. You must also prepare the way in which the intervention will be handled. It’s important that you meet with an intervention specialist who will be able to explain the dynamics and prepare you for your part. You will usually hold at least one rehearsal, so that everyone involved knows what is a helpful approach and what might be counterproductive. Finally, you have to be prepared to give the addict an ultimatum and stick to it. If you are willing to accept apologies and promises, the intervention will have been in vain. There must be one clear message: “Get into rehab or you will lose the life you’ve known.”

Find a Heroin Rehab Center and an Intervention Expert

At, we have complied lists of reputable treatment centers for you to use as a resource. You will also find a listing of knowledgeable intervention experts to help you with this most difficult procedure. Remember, there is nothing you can do for the addict you love that will be more useful, more valuable, or more important.