A Different Approach: Holistic Drug Rehab in CA

The twelve-step model has been the most widely known approach to drug rehab ever since it was adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous practices in 1953. Many former addicts owe their well-being to twelve-step programs, but there are many others who simply can’t make it work for them. If you have tried a twelve-step program to no avail, or have basic disagreements with NA tenets, there are a host of options available to you. The holistic approach has been growing exponentially, and there are a great many centers for holistic drug rehab in CA.

What Do They Do in Holistic Drug Rehab in CA?

For most heavy drug users, the first part of treatment is largely medical. That’s because your body needs to detox and get rid of the drugs that are still in your system before you can begin to heal your physical self and strengthen your mental and emotional self. Most centers that offer holistic drug rehab in CA have detox facilities on site. In addition to medically monitoring your detox process, these centers may also begin introducing you to the methods you will use throughout your recovery, such as massage, yoga, acupuncture, nutritional therapy and meditation. The goal, as in all holistic medicine, is to treat the whole body and mind, not just the symptoms of disease. If holistic drug rehab sounds like something that would work for you, we urge you to use our filters to find an appropriate center. You wouldn’t be reading this if drugs weren’t ruining your life, or the life of someone you love. Take action now.