Holistic Drug Rehab Can Work

Let’s be honest, there are lots of drug and alcohol rehabs in Southern California. After all, how often do you hear of Hollywood celebrities checking themselves into rehab? Many are content on offering the same list of services that all rehabs offer. Not RecoveryNowTV, however. For years, we’ve been trailblazers in the recovery community, offering a unique Orange County holistic drug rehab, family treatment program and advanced drug addiction therapy services. Unlike the other rehabs in Southern California, we offer a comprehensive family treatment program to help addicts reconcile difficult issues with their families through counseling and various therapies. Our family treatment program has shown great success in healing the families affected by addiction. In addition to this groundbreaking service, we offer the only Southern California holistic drug rehab of this caliber, a place where body, mind and spirit are healed simultaneously. RecoveryNowTV is like a luxury car, where all the fancy amenities of other cars come standard. On par with the best treatment centers in the country, we offer:
    • inpatient and outpatient drug addiction therapy services
    • medical detoxification
    • 12-step and other recovery methods
    • sober living
    • relapse prevention plans and continued coaching

Holistic Drug Rehab: Not Your Normal Drug Addiction Therapy Services

How about a drug rehab that treats your ailing spirit with outside-the-box therapies? At RecoveryNowTV, that’s exactly what we offer, in addition to normal addiction therapies for your body and mind. Here’s a short list of the things our holistic drug rehab offers that run-of-the-mill rehabs cannot:
    • art & music therapy
    • outdoor equine therapy
    • acupuncture & massage
    • guided meditation sessions
    • mindful eating
You won’t find any better drug addiction therapy services in Southern California. Contact us to find out how we can help.