Holistic Drug Rehab Produces Results

The goal of addiction recovery centers is permanent sobriety, and in this respect holistic drug rehab produces impressive result. The advantage of a holistic drug center is that it encompasses many different types of addiction programs. The treatments offered at holistic drug rehab are unique and involve multiple addiction recovery tracks. All addicts have different histories and personalities, and therefore specific programs are required for each addicts.

Moral Reconation Alcoholism Treatment

Some of the therapies a holistic drug rehab offers include: Moral reconation therapy (MRT): Moral reconation therapy is a systematic treatment strategy, which seeks to lessen recidivism among adult and juvenile criminal offenders as well as addicts by improving moral reasoning. This cognitive behavioral alcoholism treatment merges elements from different psychological traditions by progressively addressing the ego, moral and social skills, and encouraging behavioral growth.

Other Types Of Addiction Therapy

Self-discovery and inventory: Self-discovery and inventory therapy teaches the addict how to identify and correct destructive behaviors. The therapy incorporates outside recovery meetings, in-house recovery meetings, lectures by recovering addicts, counseling, and guided meditation classes. Didactic group and process therapy: This kind of addiction therapy offered at holistic drug rehab emphasizes self-analysis, stress education, and identifying and dispelling irrational beliefs. Individual counseling: The individual counseling offered at holistic drug centers includes one on one sessions with a skilled counselor. Workshops and education lectures: These lectures and workshops educate the patient on recovery from addiction and techniques for living a permanent sober life after treatment. Supplemental enhancements: These may include cognitive, faith based, 12 step or self help emphases added to the existing treatment program. Holistic drug rehab, by combining the essentials of all other forms of rehab ensures the highest chance of lasting recovery.