Through Comprehensive Holistic Drug Rehabilitation, Recovering Addicts Stay Clean

So you’ve thought about treatment for your addiction, but can’t stand the idea of a tiny room with a small window and only group therapy sessions to break up your 30-90 day stay at a treatment center? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Holistic drug rehabilitation is a school of drug and alcohol abuse treatment that stems from the belief that your entire being needs to be treated, not only your addiction. This is because with holistic drug rehabilitation, the mind, body, and social being of an individual recovering addict is analyzed and treated. Holistic drug rehabilitation offers the recovering addict treatment that is different from you’d expect from a traditional treatment center. From karate classes to massage therapy, from sensory tests to vitamin and mineral supplements, holistic drug rehabilitation takes into account that your entire being is in a treatment center, not just the addict in you.

Rebuilding the Body a Key Aspect of Holistic Drug Rehabilitation

Regular fitness and exercise regimens come into play with holistic drug rehabilitation because caregivers realize that physical fitness keeps the body and mind healthy. For much the same reason, during a holistic drug rehabilitation experience, a full medical exam including full blood work and other tests is usually done to make sure that any physical issues the recovering addict may have are not hindering the ability to recover. Through vitamin and mineral supplements tailored to a recovering addict’s individual nutritional state, the body can become balanced again, contributing to a healthier physical and mental state. From this type of comprehensive holistic drug rehabilitation, the body, soul, and spirit are renewed and rejuvenated. Many caregivers believe this helps more than other drug treatment methods because others leave the individual open to additional problems, and possibly even enabling factors to do drugs or drink. For more holistic drug rehabilitation information, please visit,  an online resource center for recovering addicts or those seeking holistic drug rehabilitation.