Many drug rehabs augment the recovery program by helping the body repair itself naturally through holistic therapies. A healthy diet is probably the most important. We were often not kind to our bodies while drinking and using so there is much physical repair needed early in the recovery process. Eating a balanced diet, perhaps for the first time in years, goes far towards the body healing itself. Some drug rehabs also offer additional approaches:

Vitamin Support

A balanced diet program at drug rehabs can include vitamin support. New research shows that amino acids, vitamin compounds and herbal supplements can improve the bodies natural ability to heal and repair. Some compounds lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms and the bodies physical craving for drugs and alcohol.


Some drug rehabs include regular exercise as part of the program. Moderate exercise helps with depression, withdrawal effects, digestion and general health.


You may even find some acupuncture services in holistic drug rehabs. Acupuncture is an alternative medical remedy that inserts needles in the body and manipulation of them to assist with digestion, pain, circulation and hundreds of the ailments. The science is based on thousands of years of Chinese research and some claim that it is extremely beneficial to their recovery. Acupuncture can be used alongside a healthy diet, herbal supplements and exercise to help ease the effects of drug abuse. For more information about drug rehab centers, visit our easy to use directory of treatment centers.