Naturally, our income may not be able to support our wants, which may or may not be our real needs in the first place. But we want to satisfy all our wants. To exploit this tendency of todays humans, numerous banks and financial companies are all too eager to provide us loans at seemingly most favorable terms. To make matters worse, credit cards have made spending all too easy. All these things are all too apparent in todays world to merit any further elaboration. Suffice to say, todays society provides ample avenues to each and every person to take more and more debt.
No one else but only you can decide whether you are a compulsive debtor or not In your heart of hearts, you know very well that you are in a debt trap. Still, to make this realization easier for you, DA offers a long list of signs of compulsive debting • You are not sure about your own financial condition. You are unclear about your account balances, loan interest rates, fees etc. • You have made a habit of borrowing small sums of money from family and friends and then you fail to return them. • You just cannot save. You have no retirement plan, no tax plan, nothing. You believe that the best way to live is live for today, forget about tomorrow. • You are a compulsive shopper. Just to get a good deal, you buy items you dont even use. • You find it difficult to meet even basic financial obligations. • Bouncing checks, credit card debt and a chaotic financial situation is part of your everyday routine. • You live paycheck to paycheck. In fact, at times you write checks in the belief that money will somehow appear to cover them. • You find it embarrassing discussing money matters with others. • You dont value or care for yourself. You feel that some near or dear one will take care of you if you got into really serious financial crisis. All these are signs that you are a compulsive debtor. In this event, DA is the best place to look for help. Getting started on the road to recovery with DA. DA members take the following steps to get over their problem of compulsive debting • They stop incurring any new unsecured debt. For a compulsive debtor, this is easier said then done, but then, where there is will, there is a way. • By attending DA meetings regularly, members get a sense of hope and a chance to meet people who can help them. • Another tool of DA members is to record each and every income and expense item, howsoever small, on a daily basis, in a notebook or planner. • DA literature also offers numerous useful suggestions and insights. In fact, DAs latest book A Currency of Hope is a must read for anyone facing debt-related problem. • DA has a Twelve Steps program which all of its members practice.