sex addiction Sexual addiction is a very real addiction. It is often looked upon in a harsher light due to it's sexual and controversial nature. But the truth is, sexual addiction is just like any other addiction. People often cringe when they hear the word's compulsive sexual addiction or pornography addiction and completely dismiss them as legitimate addictions. But why is it so hard to believe that someone could be addicted to these when society recognizes addictions that are much less pleasurable than sex and pornography like washing your hands or eating certain foods? Here are a few pieces of advice to hopefully help you overcome sexual addiction. Know that sexual addiction is very real and effects millions of people all over the world every day. Some people dismiss it as an actual mental illness that effects their minds. Not admitting or coming to the realization that you suffer from sexual addiction prevents you from getting help and information that could help treat sexual addiction. Know the symptoms of sexual addiction. Sexual addiction symptoms maybe include: * A strong desire to have to have sex on an ever present basis. * A feeling of un fulfillment after countless orgasms * A constant desire to view pornographic materials * Constantly engaging in sexual activity that you know poses great risk.

Get help with sexual addiction

Talk to a sexual addiction therapist to seek sexual addiction consulting. Sexual addiction therapy can help you discuss your urges and figure out what is causing them. Sometimes it could be something from your past or just something you are lacking in your life. There are also many group organizations that can help you. Sexual Addicts Anonymous or Sex Addicts Anonymous(aka SAA) is a group that meets with fellow peers that suffer from sexual addiction every day. They discuss their sexual addiction and support each other as they share methods that work and don't work for overcoming sexual addiction. Sexual addiction rehab is also available as a kind of detox to all things sexual. Here are a places that offer sexual addiction counseling: Sexual Addiction Counselors Denver Colorado, Aurora Sexual Addiction Counseling, Seattle Sex Addiction Counseling. Which ever method you choose to pursue do so promptly. Sexual addiction is a dangerous disease that can ruin relationships and lives. Don't let you sexual addiction control you.