Help an Alcoholic

alcohol-detox According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately one in 13 Americans abuse or are dependent on alcohol. Alcoholics almost always need help to rid themselves of their addiction. Support from family and friends plays a major role in assisting alcoholics in getting and staying sober. Recognize that the alcohol and the person are separate entities. An alcoholic may behave horribly, but realize that the outrageous behavior is the alcohol, and not the person. Stop enabling the alcoholic, help an alcoholic Most addicts could not be addicts without the financial or material support of others. Many people who enable alcoholics have the best of intentions, but they ultimately fuel the alcoholic's disease. Suggest that the alcoholic seek professional assistance and attend support group meetings, such as those of Alcoholics Anonymous. If the alcoholic is resistant, offer to accompany the alcoholic to a meeting or an appointment with a counselor. Execute an intervention if the alcoholic is nonresponsive to suggestions of seeking assistance and is physically, mentally or emotionally in a detrimental state. Interventions work best when friends and family of the alcoholic are present, along with a mental health professional experienced in treating alcoholics and conducting interventions. Seek assistance for yourself. Helping an alcoholic can be draining, so seek support. Al-Anon is a beneficial support group for family and friends of alcoholics. Alateen is a similar type of group that is designed for teenagers.