Trying to live with alcoholism in the family is very stressful to say the least. Keep in mind, an alcoholic is sick and they are really not considered rational human beings especially while intoxicated. There are ways to handle alcoholism in the home. First, weather it is a mother, father, sibling, relative, or friend, don't coddle the alcoholic. Actually, it is best to mentally distance yourself from the alcoholic. Act as if the person is in another world, a world that you don't wish to be a part of. In addition, never act as if the drinker is in the right because they are not. Finally, make it clear that you have no intention of resuming any kind of a relationship until the alcoholic seeks help. You cannot make a person stop drinking, but you can stand your ground. In some cases, the alcoholic may realize that if they continue this behavior they will end up completely alone.