Working for an alcoholic boss is a daily confrontation with lack of job security. While there are a great many articles written about how an employer may deal with an alcoholic employee, there is very little help for an employee with an alcoholic boss. Do not attempt to save your boss from her alcoholism unless you either know what you are doing because you have had professional training in addiction counseling, or are working under the direction of someone who has such training. Contact your local Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon district office and ask for help. Although there are other organizations that also work with alcoholics, these two are the best places to start learning about how to work with and possibly even help your boss. You can find these organizations listed in your phone book or online. Above all, do not confront the alcoholic because she will likely deny that she has a drinking problem. Regardless of whether you are correct in your assessment of your boss' alcohol problem, you are likely to be fired and possibly even sued if you create a dramatic scene.