Alcoholic Parent

[spacer size="20"] Alcoholism as one of the worst drug problems in America, so know that you aren't alone if you're dealing with an alcoholic parent. There are techniques you can use to deal with an alcoholic parent and make this stressful situation more manageable. Know that your parent's alcoholism isn't your fault. If your parent blames you for his problem, or if you wonder if it's your fault, you need to remember that your parent is an adult, capable of making his own choices. Write your feelings in a journal or diary. If you are worried that your parent could find it, keep an online journal or blog that is password-protected. Find a support group where you can talk with other people who are dealing with the same problem. If you can't find one nearby, like Alateen, look for one online where you can receive support from other people. Remember not to argue with your parent with she's drunk. It's hard to see the logical side of things when your thinking is impaired. In addition, your parent probably won't remember the argument or the things she said the next day. Keep yourself busy outside of the home as much as possible. Join extracurricular activities or find a hobby that keeps you away from home. Hang out with friends, or just walk around the mall if you can. Sit down with your parent when he's sober and discuss how his alcoholism makes you feel. Find a meeting. Because alcoholism is such a hard disease to beat, you probably won't be able to convince him to quit. However, you can encourage him to drink less and attend an Alcoholics Anonymous. Get yourself out of the situation if your parent is abusing you physically. Try to get help from other family members, but if the abuse doesn't stop, you may have to contact the police or Child Protective Services. You don't have to put up with abuse.