Abuse of alcohol among the teenage group persons is a growing problem of social importance in all parts of the globe. We see it on movies and on the streets. But beyond the big screen and the tough exterior of carefree confidence, have we really thought about what causes these teenagers to drink alcohol and what we should do about it?

Reasons for Drinking?

Psychological and environmental factors are great contributors to teenage drinking. Problems at home and in school matched by the heavy weight of peer pressure usually results to alcohol abuse in teens. They try to escape from the emotional pain with the numbing, euphoric effect of alcohol. Even your kid doesn't have emotional problems hanging over him it is difficult to stay away from alcohol when a friend hands out a beer. No teenager would want to be left out by his friends, so he gulps down every bottle offered.

So What if My Teenager Drinks a Little?

If your kid is 18 years old and drinks just three bottles of beer in a year, which is most unlikely, then you won't have to worry about the numerous illnesses and unpleasant dispositions caused by alcohol abuse in teens. The younger a teenager starts drinking and the higher his alcohol consumption, the bigger the risk of him turning into an alcoholic in later years. He also is most likely to develop behavioral problems and mental inadequacies that will affect not just his family and education but his whole future.

How Do I Tell If My Teenager Drinks?

There are a lot of warning signs that will tell you if your teen is indeed hooked on alcohol. There are a number of hints that a alcohol abuser often shows that include sudden changes in behavior (becoming withdrawn and uncommunicative), brutal mood swings, turn down in grades and lying.