Support for those suffering the effects of alcoholism is often directed solely towards the alcoholic. However, alcoholism is a family disease and adolescents in particular need support in coping and understanding their family dynamics. Alateen is a nationwide support fellowship geared toward teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics. Instructions Step 1 Recognize that a friend or family member's drinking is negatively affecting you. Alateen helps those who think no one can understand how they feel, who hide their feelings, who cover up for someone else's drinking, who are afraid or embarrassed to bring friends home and who feel that if the alcoholic loved them, he would stop drinking. Step 2 Look up Alateen in the phone book. The organization is under the sponsorship of Al-anon, so information about Alateen is often available by contacting Al-anon, which you can also find in the phone book. Step 3 Visit the Alateen website and fine a state-by-state and city-by-city guide to help locate a meeting in your area. The site also provides contact information for the group. Call that person and ask for details about the meeting. Step 4 Ask what kind of meetings are held on specific days. "Open" meetings are a great place to start because they are open to anyone who wants to learn about Alateen. "Closed" meetings are for anyone whose life has been affected by an alcoholic.