Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is worldwide organization for people battling with alcoholism. AA meetings can be found in nearly every community. Admitting you are an alcoholic and finding the support you need to be sober is never easy. An AA meeting is made up of current and recovering alcoholics whose similar experiences help you on the road to recovery. Ask your medical provider, counselor or minister for information about a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Search for local groups on the Alcoholics Anonymous Website. The site contains state-by-state listings of AA meetings. Stop making excuses. AA meetings occur everyday of the week and at various hours that are sure to meet your schedule requirements. Find an AA meeting that you feel the most comfortable with. Groups vary from smoking, non-smoking, open, closed, men only, women only, young people and gay. Ask what type of meeting it is while you look for a group. It is easier to keep attending meetings if it suits your lifestyle. Visit an AA meeting and see if you feel comfortable with the group. You do not have to speak at the meeting and you won't be asked to pay anything. The only requirement is that you are actively seeking to stop drinking.