If you or someone you know has a problem with a drug addiction, Narcotics Anonymous is an organization that can help. Their goal is to help addicts change their lifestyle. Membership is free and everyone is welcome. Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit organization with no political or institutional affiliation. Meetings are free of charge, held worldwide and are relatively easy to find. Learn the philosophy of Narcotics Anonymous. According the Narcotics Anonymous official website, the purpose of the organization is to help men and women who have a drug problem. They meet regularly and help one another stay drug-free. They don't care how deep into the drug culture you were or what you are addicted to. They are only interested in helping you with your problem. Decide if you are ready to admit that you cannot handle living in a drug-addicted lifestyle. Find a meeting to attend. Look in your local yellow pages under "Addictions Counseling" or "Narcotics Anonymous." Call the numbers listed to find local meeting times and locations. Visit the Narcotics Anonymous official website and click the "NA Meeting Search" icon. Then follow the directions to search for a meeting using your zip code or city name. Next, choose your state or province and click "Go." Locate chapters of Narcotics Anonymous in your area. These listings may include websites, phone numbers or addresses. You may need to visit your particular state or province's website to find an exact meeting location. Know what to expect at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Narcotics Anonymous is based upon principles contained within the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous. These include core principles of admitting you have a problem, seeking help, self-examination, self-disclosure, making amends and helping other drug addicts who want to recover. Attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting near you. Meetings are generally designed for people who have a drug addiction. Anonymity is a major part of Narcotics Anonymous' success. Congratulate yourself for taking the first step toward recovery. Instead of privately suffering, you have now become a part of a supportive community that can build you up instead of dragging you down.