Know If You Are Addicted To Food - Food Addiction

[spacer size="20"] Food is part of life and most of us love to eat. But if it goes beyond liking to eat to where you think about food all the time you might really be addicted to food. Self reflection is hard but if you want an honest answer to knowing if you are truly addicted then maybe you want to think about some of these questions. Do you find yourself worrying about if you are addicted to food? Worry about food addiction? What about what you are going to eat for lunch and it's barely past breakfast time? Is food always on your mind? Is every other minute a passing thought about food? Do you live to eat rather than eat to live? If food is more than fuel for your body than it just might go past the love of food to being addicted to food. Do you eat when you're hungry but also when you're tired, bored, happy, sad and stressed? Do you eat so fast that half the time you don't even realize what you ate? Do you devour your meal so fast just so you can eat more? Are you finished and on to a second helping before everyone else is done with their first? Have you ever eaten until you felt physically sick? Do you feel guilty when you overeat? Do you vow that you won't overeat until you feel sick ever again (knowing it probably will)? Have you ever eaten a whole cake and replace it so no one else would know you ate it? Do you have food hidden? Do you have favorite foods hidden away in your desk at work (like candy) or in a secret place at home so family members can't find it. When holidays or special occasions arise do you think more about the food than the people?