Crystal meth (methamphetamine), is a very dangerous drug. It is easy to make from common ingredients, inexpensive and highly addictive. Once you are on it, it is very difficult quit use, as demonstrated by the drug's 92 percent relapse rate (according to Withdrawal symptoms include exhaustion, extreme depression, insomnia, insatiable appetite and restlessness. Some even experience psychotic reactions during withdrawal. However, people can and do kick meth for good every day. It takes a process and commitment to living clean. Overcoming a Crystal Meth Addiction Acknowledge the addiction. You can't stop using and commit to recovery if you don't really think you have an addiction. With a drug like meth, if you think you have a problem, you definitely do. Find a support network of family and friends. You can't and shouldn't go through this alone. Kicking the drug is one thing; life following addiction is another. Without the easy escape of drugs, you are going to have to face problems head on. That's where your support network really helps. Make clear reasons for yourself about why quitting is a good thing for you. Form realistic goals on what you would like to do when you recover. This will give you something to cling to and work toward when things get tough. Search out and enter a professional program, preferably a meth-specific inpatient program. Meth is harder to quit than heroin and there is no substitute like methadone available for crystal meth. You will need an experienced medical team to help you physically during the withdrawal process. Locate a 12-step program in your area. After the detox treatment is complete, learning how to live your life without drugs has just begun. Even if you have a terrific personal support network, loved ones who have never experienced this kind of addiction can never truly understand what you are going through, no matter how good their intentions are. Having the guidance and support of people who have been through the same experiences of addiction is a big help. One such 12-step program is Crystal Meth Anonymous. Realize that your addiction took time to play out and so will your recovery. Live for the future, one day at a time. Leave the past in the past. That includes bad influences, as well as the thought patterns that fed the addictions to begin with. You can't go back in time and erase your addiction, but you can control what you do today to stay off meth and to prevent being an addict tomorrow.